Begin with an introduction that explains what «WoW Guides» is and the purpose of the list. Provide context about the game World of Warcraft, for which the guides are presumably written, and the value that these guides provide to the community.

Categories of Guides

Break down the list by categories. This could include leveling guides, raiding guides, gold farming guides, class guides, and so on. For each category, provide a brief description of what players can expect to learn or achieve by following these guides.

Profile Descriptions

For each profile or guide, provide a title and a brief summary. The summary should include the key points that the guide covers, the level of player it's aimed at (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and any unique features or benefits it offers.


Mention how users can access these guides. While direct links are not provided, you could describe the general process of how a user might find these guides on the «WoW Guides» website.

Updates and Maintenance

Discuss how often the guides are updated and what the process is for keeping the information current, especially with the frequent updates and expansions released for World of Warcraft.

Community Involvement

Highlight any community features, such as forums or comment sections, where players can discuss the guides, provide feedback, or ask questions.


Finish with a closing paragraph that summarizes the importance of these guides for the WoW community and how they contribute to the overall gaming experience.

Here's a short sample of what part of such a text might look like: